Wow, we are having one of those weeks in our household. You know those weeks when the slightest thing sparks an epic meltdown (and not just from the kids!) and it feels like things will never go your way.   Yesterday I did the grocery shopping with a 4 year old literally wailing whilst hanging off me the entire time. All I could do was smile to hide how mortified I was that this was happening to me! Then when I finally got to the car she wailed all the way home and then wailed in her bed for a while before finally fall asleep. In the tiny window when both girls were asleep I cooked dinner (that turned out so awful we literally couldn’t eat it) and tidied up a little before it all started again. What a day! By the time we had to pick husband up from work (after both girls were fed, washed and in their pjs) I was on the verge of tears!   

Let’s face it, some days mummy hood is hard and some days it’s just plain effing awful! Those days when there has been someone constantly interrupting or demanding or insulting or pushing or wanting or needing or arguing or debating or ignoring or shouting or crying or just generally not seeming to give two hoots about you are the worst. They leave you feeling raw and alone and every tiny thing affects you more than it normally would. 

We’ve all been there, wondering whatever happened to our sanity or our ‘selves’; those women who were perfectly put together, full of fun and interesting conversation, never interrupted in the bathroom or woken multiple times in the middle of the night, who could put their own needs first or get the groceries done in 15minutes, remembering everything they needed without even writing a list. Lucky bitches didn’t even know how much those simple things they took for granted would one day become a treat! Luckily the bad days end AND sometimes the next days are so great that they make up for those awful yesterday’s. 



I have always been a ‘big girl’ – from the minute I hit puberty I started to chub up and I just didn’t stop. 

I am fat. It’s not a put down, it’s not a fish for compliments, it’s the simple truth. I can’t count how many diets I’ve tried and failed at, from the age if 13-18yr I was on diet after diet. Then I decided just to accept (or maybe ignore is a more honest description) my weight and be the fun, fat chick. 

Over the years I was told I was a great girl and men would love me if I lost some weight (by friends, family, society and some men even said it straight to me), I was told I was so pretty for a bigger girl or I dressed well for a bigger girl (not the way I wanted to dress mind you but I made the woeful plus sized department work for me) or was questioned if I would be able to keep up the pace at my size during one job training session. My ‘best friend’ offered to buy me a body wrap season so I could “lose a few kgs and feel more confident standing beside me on my wedding day in front of all those people.” But none of that negativity made me lose weight, in fact it just made my self worth drop and I gained more and more. 

When I fell pregnant with my youngest I was at my heaviest weight ever, almost 140kgs. I did the Michelle Bridges 12WBT and lost over 30kgs over a year. I was almost halfway to my goal and then I just stopped. I got complacent and lazy and slowly the weight came back. 

Today I’m starting over again. I want to lose about 50kgs so it’s going to be a long road but I’m committing to it. I started a 12 week plan created by my personal trainer today and I’m meal planning again. I can do this, I will do this xxx 

Banana bread baking day!

Busy day cooking and restocking my freezer today. I made some very yummy passionfruit and coconut self saucing pudding for dessert tonight, oven baked fries and chickens schnitzel burgers for lunch (my mum, sis and brother came over) and assorted savoury scrolls and 2 types of banana bread for the freezer. 

Recipe for the yummy self saucing pudding is  here and if you are blessed, like me,  with an abundance of passionfruits on your vine, you will find heaps of recipes on my passionfruit Pinterest board

I use the dough recipe found here whenever I make scrolls (at least once a week lately!). I use my food processor and I find it really easy and fluffy. I’ve used it for pizza bases and one batch is enough for 2 pizzas or 6-8 good sized scrolls. I generally freeze the scrolls and just pop one in the girls lunch boxes or hubby takes them for his lunch. Today’s combos are cheeseymite, bacon and cheese and salsa, jalepeno and cheese.

Deciding to make banana bread is what got my baking marathon started today. Facebook showed me a link I shared last year for yummy banana bread so I decided to make some again today.  This is the recipe I started with but I made a few changes. 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of oil was way too much for my liking, I want to eat this for breakfast when I’m in a hurry so I cut it down to 1 cup of sugar, left the oil out altogether and used about 8 bananas to make sure it was still moist. I had enough for 2 loaves and 12 mini muffins (lunch box fillers). Now because I’m no angel, I sprinkled some dark chocolate chips in one of the loaves and I put the pulp of 2 passionfruits in the other loaf. When it was still warm I tested a slice and it is delicious, moist, banana-ie, sweet; so good! One piece of advice I will give you though; in the original recipe it says sift dry ingredients together, DO THIS! I was lazy and didnt and I found a little lump of bicarb in my slice, that part was not delicious.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday  xxx

PS My PAC-man mug rocks right? 

Lest we forget… 


 Today is ANZAC day and this morning I will have the great honour of marching with my sister and 2 daughters beside an incredible man, my Pappy. I will remember and be thankful for the great sacrifices he and so many others made for me and all of us and of the scars, both visible and invisible, that they carry from their duty. I will think of my brother with pride, for he is serving our country in the Army now. And I will hope that my daughters know only a life of peace but are forever thankful to those who ensure that peace. 


Dresses all by Hell Bunny, felt brooch found on Etsy, vintage poppy magazine cover found here and crocheted poppy pattern here

Lest we forget x

The Selfish Seamstress

Over the last 2 years I’ve discovered a passion for ‘selfish sewing’. At first I started sewing myself some pretty, vintage inspired dresses because the plus size shopping section was leaving me very disappointed. I felt like I couldn’t really express myself and my style because I had to wear the clothes that fit, not the clothes I loved. When I fell pregnant again I was able to create some nice maternity clothes for myself which was great too. Now, after losing weight (& disappointingly regaining some of it), I have more options (still very much plus sized) and my new wardrobe definitely reflects my style but I still love to sew for myself and create quirky, one of a kind pieces. 

For my birthday my parents gave me one of the Gerty sews vintage books and today (2 months later!) I finally got to sit down and start one of the patterns from the book. If you are at all interested in sewing vintage or vintage inspired fashion, I highly recommend her book and blog.  It’s full of information and patterns with ideas on how to use the same pattern in a multitude of ways to create different looks. 

Today I’m working with the sweetheart sundress pattern. I have some fantastic Star Wars fabric from Spotlight, so I’m working to a deadline as I want to wear my Star Wars sweetheart sundress on May the 4th (Star Wars day!).  

Using the instructions in the book I have up-sized the pattern and started a muslin. The muslin fabric is a Dorothy inspired blue gingham so will be cute and wearable when I’ve got the fit right too. If you area looking for selfish sewing ideas,follow me on Pinterest. I’ve got an entire board full of selfish sewing ideas

Now, back to the machine, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 

Not your typical 50s housewife.

Hello minxes and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere! I’m Jodi and I am not your typical 50s housewife.  I’m a stay at home mum, housewife and student with a love of vintage fashion, selfish sewing and Netflix marathons. Occasionally I cook, less occasionally I clean. I try to enjoy life. I wear beautiful dresses and red lipstick just about every day. I’m trying to focus on healthy, old fashion cooking for my family which means trying to do more things from scratch and being aware of what’s in our diet. At the same time  I’m letting my personal trainer, who happens to be my sister, kick my butt in my journey from fat to fit. 

I look forward to sharing my interests and journey here with you all!