The Selfish Seamstress

Over the last 2 years I’ve discovered a passion for ‘selfish sewing’. At first I started sewing myself some pretty, vintage inspired dresses because the plus size shopping section was leaving me very disappointed. I felt like I couldn’t really express myself and my style because I had to wear the clothes that fit, not the clothes I loved. When I fell pregnant again I was able to create some nice maternity clothes for myself which was great too. Now, after losing weight (& disappointingly regaining some of it), I have more options (still very much plus sized) and my new wardrobe definitely reflects my style but I still love to sew for myself and create quirky, one of a kind pieces. 

For my birthday my parents gave me one of the Gerty sews vintage books and today (2 months later!) I finally got to sit down and start one of the patterns from the book. If you are at all interested in sewing vintage or vintage inspired fashion, I highly recommend her book and blog.  It’s full of information and patterns with ideas on how to use the same pattern in a multitude of ways to create different looks. 

Today I’m working with the sweetheart sundress pattern. I have some fantastic Star Wars fabric from Spotlight, so I’m working to a deadline as I want to wear my Star Wars sweetheart sundress on May the 4th (Star Wars day!).  

Using the instructions in the book I have up-sized the pattern and started a muslin. The muslin fabric is a Dorothy inspired blue gingham so will be cute and wearable when I’ve got the fit right too. If you area looking for selfish sewing ideas,follow me on Pinterest. I’ve got an entire board full of selfish sewing ideas

Now, back to the machine, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 


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