Banana bread baking day!

Busy day cooking and restocking my freezer today. I made some very yummy passionfruit and coconut self saucing pudding for dessert tonight, oven baked fries and chickens schnitzel burgers for lunch (my mum, sis and brother came over) and assorted savoury scrolls and 2 types of banana bread for the freezer. 

Recipe for the yummy self saucing pudding is  here and if you are blessed, like me,  with an abundance of passionfruits on your vine, you will find heaps of recipes on my passionfruit Pinterest board

I use the dough recipe found here whenever I make scrolls (at least once a week lately!). I use my food processor and I find it really easy and fluffy. I’ve used it for pizza bases and one batch is enough for 2 pizzas or 6-8 good sized scrolls. I generally freeze the scrolls and just pop one in the girls lunch boxes or hubby takes them for his lunch. Today’s combos are cheeseymite, bacon and cheese and salsa, jalepeno and cheese.

Deciding to make banana bread is what got my baking marathon started today. Facebook showed me a link I shared last year for yummy banana bread so I decided to make some again today.  This is the recipe I started with but I made a few changes. 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of oil was way too much for my liking, I want to eat this for breakfast when I’m in a hurry so I cut it down to 1 cup of sugar, left the oil out altogether and used about 8 bananas to make sure it was still moist. I had enough for 2 loaves and 12 mini muffins (lunch box fillers). Now because I’m no angel, I sprinkled some dark chocolate chips in one of the loaves and I put the pulp of 2 passionfruits in the other loaf. When it was still warm I tested a slice and it is delicious, moist, banana-ie, sweet; so good! One piece of advice I will give you though; in the original recipe it says sift dry ingredients together, DO THIS! I was lazy and didnt and I found a little lump of bicarb in my slice, that part was not delicious.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday  xxx

PS My PAC-man mug rocks right? 


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