Wow, we are having one of those weeks in our household. You know those weeks when the slightest thing sparks an epic meltdown (and not just from the kids!) and it feels like things will never go your way.   Yesterday I did the grocery shopping with a 4 year old literally wailing whilst hanging off me the entire time. All I could do was smile to hide how mortified I was that this was happening to me! Then when I finally got to the car she wailed all the way home and then wailed in her bed for a while before finally fall asleep. In the tiny window when both girls were asleep I cooked dinner (that turned out so awful we literally couldn’t eat it) and tidied up a little before it all started again. What a day! By the time we had to pick husband up from work (after both girls were fed, washed and in their pjs) I was on the verge of tears!   

Let’s face it, some days mummy hood is hard and some days it’s just plain effing awful! Those days when there has been someone constantly interrupting or demanding or insulting or pushing or wanting or needing or arguing or debating or ignoring or shouting or crying or just generally not seeming to give two hoots about you are the worst. They leave you feeling raw and alone and every tiny thing affects you more than it normally would. 

We’ve all been there, wondering whatever happened to our sanity or our ‘selves’; those women who were perfectly put together, full of fun and interesting conversation, never interrupted in the bathroom or woken multiple times in the middle of the night, who could put their own needs first or get the groceries done in 15minutes, remembering everything they needed without even writing a list. Lucky bitches didn’t even know how much those simple things they took for granted would one day become a treat! Luckily the bad days end AND sometimes the next days are so great that they make up for those awful yesterday’s. 


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