Winter Wishlist -Monochrome

As winter is coming, I am wishing for these gorgeous winter essentials.


Pizza Sundays

Pizza Sundays aren’t exactly a family tradition around here but we do tend to make pizza most weekends. There are a couple of reasons we make pizza most weeks; its pretty cheap when you make it from scratch and a brilliant way to use up left overs, its probably the healthiest ‘naughty’ food around AND whilst I’m making a pizza dinner, I’m also making yummy scrolls for lunches during the week.easy 5 minutes lunch box scrolls Continue reading

Best passionfruit slice recipe

With passionfruit- palooza in full swing I had a bowl of passionfruits that needed using so this afternoon I whipped up a passionfruit slice using this recipe. 

I followed the recipe precisely but used vanilla extract instead of vanilla bean paste in the base and put a 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence in the passionfruit topping (the direction mention adding vanilla here but it’s not listed in the ingredients so wasn’t sure how much.) 

 My Miss 4 and husband have just joined me for a piece and we all agree that’s this is the best passionfruit slice we’ve ever tasted! Yum!