Avengers anticipation

Tomorrow night my husband and I are going on an actual date. A proper, grown up, dinner and a movie with no children, date! It’s been a while! We are both big fans of marvel and have been desperately waiting for Avengers 2 to be released so tomorrow night is going to be great!

I just love it when my love of geek/pop culture and my love of rockabilly/50s fashion combine!


Top left shoes are on etsy (I would never walk a step in those but my god I would love them!)

Geek frames from Poppin (how awesome are these!)

Rockabilly style hulk outfit (love this look but would wear skinny jeans with no tears and a green bandana!)

Honey Cub marvel hair wrap (Honey cub hair wraps are my favourite wired hair wraps, I have heaps of them! I wear hair wraps every single day but they r the only wired wraps I find comfortable. I have tried other wired wraps and had to unpick them and pull the wire out to be able to wear them but honey cubs are comfy! She does bows too)

MARVELous dress by Pigtails and Pirates (I seriously lust over this dress, it is my all time favourite Pigtails and Pirates dress!)

AND Marvel dress, made by me! #OOTD for my girls super birthday party earlier this year (& the dress I’ll be wearing on my date tomorrow night)


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