May the 4th be with you.

Happy Star Wars days folks 🙂

I finished my Star Wars dress and let me just say, sometimes bad things happen to beautiful fabric! I will do a proper pattern review soon but here are some photos. It doesn’t look awful but it’s not near as good as I wanted it to be. I also whipped up a cute storm trooper hair wrap to complete my outfit. I might do a tutorial on making your own basic hair wrap sometime.   

In the spirit of Star Wars day I found some gorgeous hand made items to share with you all.

The following items are from some of my favourite Facebook small businesses;

And these beauties were some of my favourite Etsy wish list items:

  • Tshirt dress from BlossumBlueBoutique
  • Pencil skirt from Engram Clothing
  • Tie from Unicorn bait
  • Mugs from Lenny Mud
  • Tea-wok saucer (Is that not the cutest thing you ever saw!!!!) from Gallons of Ink
  • Dress from Levina Danielle

May the fourth be with you x


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