Coconut and passionfruit self saucing pudding. 

Last year we planted a small passionfruit vine beside our green house (aka bunnytopia where our late fur baby resided), it was about 50cm high. That little passionfruit vine grew and grew. Now it covers 2 walls, half the roof and half the nearby fence.   

Being that it’s less than a year old I didn’t expect it to fruit but it was quickly covered with flowers and then fruits! We’ve been waiting months but finally the fruit are ripening at an alarming pace (7 today alone!)

Tonight I used up some passionfruit and made a yummy coconut and passionfruit self saucing pudding. I’ve made it a few times and it’s delicious but it’s not very saucy. Tonight I doubled the sauce ingredients and still didn’t get much but we enjoyed it anyway. It’s deliciously coconuty with the tang of passionfruit and it has a lovely light yet dense pudding texture.

Recipe here and my pinterest board dedicated to passionfruit is here. Enjoy!


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