Vintage lips

 Lately I’ve been developing a lipstick addiction. I have always adored the look of bright red lips but never been brave enough to wear more than a slightly tinted gloss.   Last month was #redmylips an awareness raising campaign where you wear red lipstick (there are other ways to support the cause) every day of April to raise awareness about sexual assault and speak out about victim blaming. 30 days of wearing red lipstick certainly got me over my awkwardness and into the habit of wearing lipstick.

How divine are all these gorgeous vintage ads? Anyway, now that I’ve conquered red I decided to try out a few new shades and since today was Mother’s Day I got spoilt with a few colours.

 Look born beautiful? I don’t embrace everything vintage! To me make up is just for fun, beauty shines from the inside out.

  So on to the lipsticks. I’m loving Rimmel’s Provocalips, 16hr staying power, beautiful, vibrant shades. I wear this anytime eating or drinking are involved or I need something to last the distant. They claim this one to be kiss proof and it’s true. My ‘signature colour’ is Kiss Me You Fool which is a vibrant cherry red shade. Today I was spoilt with Dare To Pink.

I’m also trying out Rimmel Provocalips which I got in Atomic Rose. Provocalips are a lip lacquer, this ones a dark nude. They go on like a gloss but have lipstick coverage. 

I also got some Australis Velourlips to try out. This week they are on sale at Kmart and cost under $6! I also just signed up to the Australis website and they gave me a code for 25% off my next purchase. These are a scented lip cream which is a long lasting formula with a matte finish. The colours are seriously vibrant. This product is vegan friendly too.


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