Breastfeeding pride

Tonight I breastfed my 14 month old daughter for the last time. I feel like it was a good enough time to wean but part of me isn’t ready to stop. It’s a mix of relief and heartbreak, making what you feel to be the right choice, yet still feeling torn up about it inside. The fundamental emotions of Motherhood really.

I bought this adorable (& yes controversial and probably offensive to some people) onesie before my oldest daughter was born. Unfortunately by the time it fit her, she was formula fed and so never wore it.

 Ari has had months of wear out of it and 14 wonderful months of breastfeeding.

 We’ve breastfed in lots of places. This is by far my favourite photo from our breastfeeding journey.

 And this is the last breastfeeding selfie. Hopefully some day I’ll have another baby to breastfeed, like I’ve been blessed to do with both of my girls.


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