Cardi Craving Part 3

pin up cardy tutorial

pin up cardy supplies list

The second style of cardigan pimping I’ve done is fabric applique. You can get some fantastic fabrics from spotlight and lincraft now or jump online and you will find just about anything your heart desires. I used a little of this sugar skull fabric  picked up at spotlight and the cherries are from lincraft.

Start out by ironing fusible interfacing like visoflex or heat’n’blond on the back of the piece of fabric you want to use (follow the directions provided with whichever interfacing you have). Carefully trim around the shape and then position it wherever you’d like and iron it on. When ironing it on to the cardigan use the correct setting for the material in your cardi – you dont want to melt it. Once its cooled a little, stitch around the outside to ensure it stays put. For step by step instructions check out these great tutorials here and here.

fabric 010 (12)


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