Cardi Craving Part 4

pin up cardy tutorial

pin up cardy supplies listDSC_1241Most of the cardi’s I’m using are from kmart and cost $9 each. I got some for me and for my daughters so we have some Mummy and Me matching pin-up cardi’s too. The last and easiest way to pimp your cardi is with iron on motifs. You can get these from big w, spotlight, ebay, all sorts of places but recently¬† discovered a secret gem and I’m going to share it with you now – iron on Not only do they sell only iron on patches but they sell them at a great price and the more you buy the cheaper they are. I got 5 patches last week for $13.50, including postage! Once again, I recomend you iron at the heat suggested for your fabric and stitch the edges down to keep your patches stuck down BUT I’ll admit I iron mine (carefully) at the high heat suggested and so far have had no issues. Always cover the area you’re ironing with a piece of light cotton so the iron isn’t directly touching the wool.

$9 Kmart cardigan + $2.50 patches (x 2) = $14 cardi

$9 Kmart cardigan + $2.50 patches (x 2) = $14 cardi


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