Cardi Cravings Part 2.

pin up cardy tutorial


As promised, I’ve been creating some budget pin up style cardies and I thought it was time to let you know how to do the same.

There are so many gorgeous cardigans floating around in all my fave pin-up shops but unfortunately they just aren’t in my budget right now. So I’ve created my own, and for less than $15 each, they are certainly budget friendly.

I have made 3 different styles of cardigans and these are the supplies for all of them. You won’t need all of the supplies for each style. The first style is an embroidered cardi.

pin up cardy supplies listThe embroidered style isn’t something everyone can make. I’m lucky enough to have access to an embroidery machine, but you can also hand embroider your cardi if you are good with a needle and thread.

I LOVE Urban Threads for embroidery designs and mainly use them. They sell both hand and machine embroidery designs and have some amazing patterns. They also have monthly free designs and heaps of regular sales.

When embroidering your cardi you need to start with a steady base so I like to start by applying iron on interfacing to the back of the area you want to embroider so you have a stronger fabric and to stop the fabric from stretching as you stitch. There are heaps of tutorials on the Urban Threads site but this one will really help you when embroidering a cardigan. Check out the rockabilly, skulls, roses, nautical and tattoo sections to get you started with designs.

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