Rockabilly bandana headbands.

bandana headbandsI recently posted about this fab bandana headband tutorial in my Pinterest fave 5 for May. This afternoon I took some time to make some with a few mods for my girls, in preparation for Cooly Rocks On! this weekend. Here’s how you can make some for yourself or your little rockabilly babes. bandana headband requirementsI’ve got 2 different methods and both will make multiple headbands from 1 bandana so these are extremely cost effective. I love Canteen bandanas and have used 2 of them and 2 bandanas from Ebay.

First method will make 3 bandana’s with fabric to spare.

Start by folding your bandana in half into a rectangle. Cut it into 2 equal rectangles. cutting your bandana (1)]Now cut each rectangle into 2 rectangles so you end up with 4 long thin rectangles (like the picture on the right). Sew 3 of the rectangles into headbands, following the Mine for the Making blog post up to ‘Tuck the ends in and press with an iron’.

Now take 1 headband and finish it following the Mine for the Making post.

Take the next headband and tie a knot into the centre of your strip. Finish following the Mine for the Making post.

DSC_1244For the last headband we need to make a bow from the 4th strip of fabric. cut enough of the edge to make a thin tub and then cut half of the remaining fabric, fold it in half, right sides facing and sew it into a rectangle, turn out and iron flat. you will have 2 pieces that look like the photo on the left. Now I should have taken pics of the next step but didn’t but you can check out this awesome bow tutorial and squish the bow and the headband through the little loop. Now finish the headband by following the Mine for the Making post. Simple!

DSC_1250DSC_1272  DSC_1245 DSC_1258DSC_1269

Next hebandana cutting (2)adbands you can make 2 out of 1 bandana with fabric to spare.

Fold in half diagonally and cut a thick strip along the folded edge. Fold the remaining triangles and do the same to each. you will end up with 7 pieces like the picture on the left.

We aren’t using the 4 triangle pieces so put them in your scrap pile to use some other time.

Fold each of the other 3 strips in half, long ways, with right sides together. Sew along the long raw edge, forming a tube, turn out the tube and iron flat with the seam in the middle of the back.

You can top stitch the long tube now or leave it as is. Because it is cut on the bias, it has a slight stretch and is a great size for tying around your head in a bow. We will leave this one as is.

For the other 2 smaller pieces, tie them together at what was the original corners of the bandana. Now you have a headband piece with a tie in the middle and you can finish it by following the Mine for the Making post. Done!

DSC_1274  DSC_1266  DSC_1249DSC_1265DSC_1253


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