I finally bought a thermomix!

Hiya kittens!

It’s been a busy month (and a lazy month) so the blog has been bare! I’ve recently lost my sew-Jo but discovered a love of colouring in. I’ve also been making my way through Orphan Black, thank you Netflix!

This month also saw a very big purchase…. A thermomix has joined our family! Now let me begin by saying, yep, I was a thermo-hater for a LONG time. “How self-indulgent to decide your time is that precious that you can’t even cook your family dinner!” my inner-voice would scoff, “Clearly you’ve got too much extra cash if you can spend that much money on a kitchen appliance!” my inner-voice would huff, “It’s just a shiny new toy to show off to your friends!” She would snipe. My inner-voice can be a real bitch if I’m being completely honest!

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