I finally bought a thermomix!

Hiya kittens!

It’s been a busy month (and a lazy month) so the blog has been bare! I’ve recently lost my sew-Jo but discovered a love of colouring in. I’ve also been making my way through Orphan Black, thank you Netflix!

This month also saw a very big purchase…. A thermomix has joined our family! Now let me begin by saying, yep, I was a thermo-hater for a LONG time. “How self-indulgent to decide your time is that precious that you can’t even cook your family dinner!” my inner-voice would scoff, “Clearly you’ve got too much extra cash if you can spend that much money on a kitchen appliance!” my inner-voice would huff, “It’s just a shiny new toy to show off to your friends!” She would snipe. My inner-voice can be a real bitch if I’m being completely honest!

Then I started noticing “My thermomix saves me $X every week.” pins or recipes that I’d love to make for my family but lack the skills, dedication or time. I’d read them secretly longing to join the thermie-lifestyle whilst my inner-voice reminded me what an unecessary waste of money it would be. I read an article where the author compared a thermomix to solar panels, a large initial outlay for long term benefits (financial and environmental). It really stuck with me. I started to subtley mention the thermomix to my husband, sussing him out, knowing it really was out of our price range. But oh how I wanted one now!

When interest free was available earlier in the year I decided to check out the business opportunity so at least I’d have an excuse to get one. The business is by far the best home based business structure I’ve seen but I couldn’t get approval for finance so I told myself it just wasn’t meant to be. But by then I’d really pictured what a thermomix would mean to our family and so had my husband so we decided to buy one outright when end of financial year FTB money came in. And we did!

For us the cost saving, health benefits and environmental impact are what was important. By buying in bulk, making things from scratch and not needing to pay for the convenience foods we are saving money. We both struggle with our weight and I’ve also struggled with PND this year so meals have generally been easy foods I can just chuck in the oven while Kevs at work, so being able to cook a good, nutritious meal in the same time is really a great help. It’s also been good being able to make things like custard using A2 milk – our girls have rarely had custard before and now both love it (& it’s really very healthy!) we can also make things like pizza bases or lunch scrolls or pull apart using grain flour rather than white – with a family history of diabetes and gestational diabetes that’s important to us. The other benefit for us is being more environmentally conscious. Yes a thermomix can save a lot of energy but it can also cut down on the packaging going to land fill. We try to use cloth products wherever possible (nappies, pads, wipes, cleaning clothes etc) and like to limit the individually packaged foods and use washable containers to portion food instead, so being able to buy in bulk or buy 1 bag of sugar instead of 4 or a bag of coconut instead of 10 cans of coconut milk for example is something I really prefer to be able to do.

So be prepared for an onslaught of yummy cooking recipes while I figure out the thermomix journey!


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