Fathers Day breaky, thermomix style!

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful dads on the world and especially to my grandfather who was my first father figure, my Dad who I only met in my late teens but is the real Dad I always wanted and to my wonderful husband who is IMHO the worlds best Dad to our daughters.

Our day started way too early but with the assistance of my trusty thermomix I made a cafe style breakfast I was super proud of!

Start off by making the Perfect No-Split Hollandaise sauce posted by Eroberson on the recipe community. While the freaking delicious sauce is cooking prep your varoma, place enough baking paper to cover bottom of varoma tray, wet and put holes in it and place it in the tray. Layer bacon slices in basket (we put 8 short cut pieces in ours, I wouldn’t suggest many more than that). Use a piece of baking paper slightly wider and longer than top basket of the varoma, fold up the sides to form a

shallow dish. Wisk the egg whites leftover from Hollandaise and 4 eggs together. Wait for sauce to finish cooking. When you’re done set your sauce aside somewhere to stay warm and give your bowl a quick rinse. Fill bowl with water to just below max line and put the varoma with the bacon in it on top for 15 mins/varoma temp/ speed 3. Add egg mix to top layer of

varoma, put the lid on a cook. Cook your toast

in the last couple of minutes of cooking time. When cooked, put on plate, topped with baby spinach if you like. Check eggs and cook for a few extra minutes if needed. When done slice omelette and place on toast, top with bacon and Hollandaise sauce, yDSC_1328 DSC_1327 DSC_1326ummy!


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