Pump up the jam…

My 81 year old Grandfather is a bit of a tough crowd. Although I have no doubt that he adores us all, he has trouble showing it and displays of gratitude are rare. But this fathers day I had a very happy Pappy when I made him some thermomix jams!

I found both of the recipes used on the recipe community and they both were delicious! Have you tried making jam in your thermomix? Or on your stove top? What are your favourite recipes?DSC_1322 - Copy

Mango, Strawberry and Passion fruit jam.

YUM! As I’ve mentioned earlier, we have plenty of passion fruits on our vine. Our first season of passion fruits has been a long one! So I decided to make a jam with my own, home grown passion fruit in it. This jam is lovely! Full of flavour, not too sweet, the fruit combination is a perfect balance. It made one 300ml jar and some left overs (which my happy Pappy polished off on scones my Mum made for fathers day afternoon tea!). I will definitely be making this again. Click here to get the recipe posted by homemadehealthyhappy on the recipe community.

Strawberry and vanilla jam

I really enjoyed this jam, although due to my Miss 4 needing Mummy cuddles whilst I was half way through making it, it turned out a little thick for my liking (As I snuggled my sad tired girl I said to hubby, ‘just put it on for an extra 10 minutes’ which was a suggestion in the recipe for a thicker jam.) Its certainly not too thick by any means but I like my jam a little thinner.

This recipe is perfect for right now as strawberries are delicious and plentiful! Click here to get the recipe posted by Aussie TM5 thermomixer in the recipe community.


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