Why make stock pastes?

Thermomix stock is something Thermomix consultants and owners love! If you’ve been to a demo you would have seen it used, either in the risotto or the soup. We make vegetable stock with you when we deliver your thermomix after purchase, you may even get some stock paste to take home when you attend a demo. The vegetable stock paste is a great base which is used in heaps recipes, but why make your own stock paste?

Thermie stock paste is hugely economical, it costs around $4 to make and makes up the equivalent of about $160 of home brand liquid stock (so if you use the better brands, it’s an even bigger saving!). What does your stock cost you right now? It’s low in salt (& you could use less salt if you wished – see the variations listed on the recipe), contains no sugar, preservatives or additives; it is literally vegetables, salt and a little olive oil!

It’s a fantastic way to use vegetable scraps or vegetables that are almost ready to be thrown away. You can vary the vegetables used in the recipe to an equal weight of whatever you have available; I freeze assorted vegetable scraps (such as ends of carrots, leaks, zucchinis, unused onion, wilted herbs, celery leaves etc) and use these to make stock paste from so it works out even cheaper. It also keeps for a very long time so it won’t go to waste. I keep mine in my freezer in an air tight container, the salt and oil content stop it from freezing solid and I simply take it out of the freezer and scoop out a tablespoon when I need it.

This afternoon I made 2 batches of stock pastes; a vegetable stock paste to gift and a meat stock paste using up some meat scraps we froze after buying a whole, sliced rump last month. After I had finished the meat stock I rinsed the bowl, poured the resulting stock into a jug and used it to steam tonights easy ‘fried’ rice for dinner (I replaced the coconut milk in the recipe with the liquid stock). It was delicious!


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