Feeding toddlers

My big girl has never been a fussy eater. Sure, there are foods she doesn’t like, but the variety of foods she does like have meant I’ve never had to worry about tricking her into eating hidden, healthy foods. My little girl is a different story!

My little girl has a great apetite, always happy to eat and have a good sizes serve but she likes a good sized serve of eggs, meat, fruit, crust-less bread, cake, biscuits, cheese and occassionly rice. Oh and lollies, she won’t say no to lollies! Vegetables are rarely tasted and often she just takes them off her plate altogether. (Although she will usually eat some peas and chew on a corn cob so we are doing better than many!).

So now all of a sudden, over 4years in to motherhood I’m having to find ways to hide goodness in her food! So here are my top 5 recipes for tricking your fussy water I to consuming some vegetables:

Extra sneaky chocolate shake – this ones a popular breakfast in my house, served with some toast it’s great for breaky on the run.

Pumpkin savoury scrolls – these are also great with sweet potato!

Cauliflower pasta sauce – my fussy girl often won’t eat pasta but she enjoyed this cheesey vegie filled sauce.

Orange pizza cheese – this ones so simple. When I grate cheese with my thermie for pizzas or scrolls, I grate a carrot with it. The cheese and carrot when finely grated together look like orange cheese powder and then when you sprinkle the finely grated orange cheese on the pizza it’s full of carrot and no one knows it’s there!

Magic bean cake – yep the thermie community rave about it and it’s as good as people say it is!


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