Frocktober Week 1

image-b246e9113ecbfe6be6ba49065611f579Frocktober 2015, Day 1!
Today I’m wearing an outfit chosen my my little Frockette, a floral dress from City Chic, a cardi from Big W and a retro sewing fabric hair band from Bec’s Bags and Handmade.
Big thank you to SB for being my first sponsor & congratulations to my team, the Frockettes, for raising over $35 already for OCRF. Who will make the donation to push me over the $50?? Don’t forget that the money you donate will go directly to OCRF to help them find an early detection test.

12109146_10153076554616046_6107706016549076888_nFrocktober 2015, Day 2
Today it’s Friday so I’m having ‘Fun Frock Friday’ and wearing my Marvel dress made by me using a couple of sisboom pattern (Carolina Mae with Jenny sleeves). Cardi is Big W, head band is an old canteen bandana (don’t forget bandana day this month). Did you know that there is no early diagnosis test for ovarian cancer? Help OCRF by donating now. Huge thanks to KT for your donation x

image-d35f5fc043ab9dc1b5b916fa1238cd85Frocktober 2015, Day 3

Today I put my Mixie von Cook hat (apron actually) on and had a demo with some fab ladies including Frockette Wendy. I wore my teal Hell Bunny Harriet, a doodlebug Super Girls hair wrap and a thermo-consultant apron. No donations today.

image-967f6c93e18e64ea179fc31a69286ba8Frocktober 2015, Day 4

A quiet day and then an afternoon/night of fun with friends, including the gorgeous Frockette Bec. I wore my Lindy bop red Matilda, a Big W cardi and a honey cub tattoo print hair wrap 🙂 Big thank you for the donation from BR which took me over the first $50 fundraised!

image-ba266606171abb1e47db9c372fafc16dFrocktober 2015, Day 5

Today it was HOT! So I lazed at home (hung over) in a nice cool summer frock gifted to me from Frockette Bec! No donations today.

image-2036118c0f21f2d27be9196af4bdb870Frocktober 2015, Day 6

I wore my awesome Foxy dress, made by me and paired it with a Harry Potter hair wrap made by honey cub!
Today was exciting, the donation that pushed me over $50 came through (made by bank transfer over the weekend) AND the donation that pushed me over the first $100 came in too!!! 1 x $100 down, 9 more to go! Donate, share, spread the word – there is no early detection test for ovarian cancer, women are dying from this awful silent killer. Big thanks you to CR for your donation and well done to the Frockettes who have now raised $154!


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