My Baby Loss, Part 2.

October is Baby and Pregnancy Loss awareness month. This is my story of pregnancy loss. Click here for Part 1.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Club

Hello world,
Today I got my official membership to that dreaded club 😦


There really isn’t much to say about it but I thought I’d put this poem that I came across here – a little dedication to my little angel baby…

jodi x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Facebook assault

Hello world,

If I don’t blog I may scream (or end up sobbing for hours in my bed again tonight – either or!) I feel like Facebook is rubbing shit in my face! I log on last night and top of my news feed is this:


Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful and there should be more things like it but I came to Facebook for a distraction, instead there are tears running down my face as I see my own situation in statue form. I scroll down and there are little newborn feet with a quote about the joys of new babies, then beautiful maternity clothes on gorgeous glowing pregnant women. Its a bit much really. So I click on my Facebook mothers group instead and photos of gorgeous pregnant bellies, newborn bundles of joy and beautiful 3D ultrasounds hit me – pow, pow, pow! The ache of jealousy I feel really surprises me. Its not that I’m not happy that they are happy, its that I’m devastated that I am not happy like that too. But I am happy, I love my beautiful daughter and husband and if Pie is the only baby I ever get I will still count myself as very blessed BUT I’d be so much happier if I wasn’t so sad wishing our little baby had stayed stuck and was growing deep within me right now. And its that happiness that I’m jealous of. I’d even take a big dose of morning sickness with a smile on my face (well a smile in my heart maybe – its hard to smile while vomiting!) right now. I hope the sadness and jealousy doesn’t change me for the worse, make me bitter. I just have to remember how blessed I am and take the hurt as a constant reminder of how wonderful every moment as a mummy is. So before I lose my shit and let my miscarriage hulk loose on the world I’m logging off for the night and putting a DVD on – fingers crossed it isn’t filled with all the stuff that Facebook is hurling at me!

jodi x

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