Sugar, sugar!

So you may have heard…

12115572_10154197830945663_6643915576875293602_n Sorry Ryan, the answers clearly a thermomix on 24 months interest free. (That’s under $22 a week!)
You may have also seen me mention #everydaysavings and getting your Thermomix to pay for itself. Right now, at $22/week repayments, it’s a great time to buy because you can use your thermie in so many ways to cut your grocery bill! Save enough on groceries and you won’t even notice the repayments right?

So how can you save? Well it obviously depends what you buy now, feel free to contact me so that together, we can figure out what you personally can save. But today let’s discuss just one example of how you could save – sugar!

How many types of sugar are in your cupboard? White, raw, brown, castor and icing? How much are you paying for the different types? Since bringing Mixie home, we buy one sugar, raw, and we buy it in a bulk bag then use it to make the other varieties of sugar. A quick blitz and you have the consistency of white sugar.  A few seconds extra for caster sugar and a few more for pure icing sugar. Add some molasses to white sugar and combine it for a couple of minutes to make brown sugar.

Now for the cost break down. We pay $3.09 for 3 kgs of raw sugar ($1.03/kg)

Molasses 500g for $3.49, (33 x 15g serves. 1 cup of brown sugar uses 1 15g serve of molasses.)

Therefore :

Raw, caster and icing sugar = $1.03/kg

Home brand caster sugar = $2.30/kg (TM saves $1.27/kg)

Home brand icing sugar mixture = $3.08/kg (this is not pure icing sugar! TM saves $2.08/kg)

Pure icing sugar = $3.60/kg (TM saves $2.57/kg)

Brown sugar = $1.03 (raw sugar) & $.42 (molasses) = $1.45/kg

Home brand brown sugar = $3.38 (TM saves $1.93/kg)

Clearly it would take a lot of sugar to pay for a thermomix but this is only one example of everyday savings you can make with a thermomix.


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