Frocktober 2015 Week 2

Day 7 saw me in a Harry Potter inspired ensemble, a Hogwarts Allumni tee from Kmart and a skull print skirt from Hell Bunny.

Day 8 was this floral number seen by me and my cupcake apron whilst I cooked up a storm with Mixie von Cook.

Day 9 I had a very lazy day after being up all night with a sick baby BUT a large, late night donation had me don my space invaders dress, hair wrap and drink a hot chocolate out of my space invaders mug for FUN Friday!

Day 10 was a fun and busy day BUT I didn’t get a selfie and the child 2 got dick and entire family followed 😦

Day 11 we were all sick!

Day 12 was a day of recovery, pirate skirt, colouring in book and couch!

Day 13 I wore 2 dresses to make up for my missed days. Lindy Bop turquoise polka dot Audrey dress with a sugar skull honey cub hair wrap in the day and my Leona for a preschool meeting that night.


Day 14 I wore another dress which I sewed using the Sisboom Angie as the base.

Day 15 I wore my H & R red tea dress and super girls hair wrap from honey cub.


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