Picnics thermie-style 

Perfect picnic weather is here right now so here is my step by step advice on making some sandwich fillings fast!

Shredded chicken and egg and mayo ‘sandwich’ fillings.

Start by adding any seasonings you’d like to infuse your chicken with to the TM bowl, herbs and garlic go great or vegetable stock paste. If using herbs and garlic, Chop for 5secs/speed5 then pour water in the bowl, to just below the steamer basket level.

Put the steamer basket in and put eggs in the basket (I used 4). Put the lid on without measuring cup and then put the varoma in place.

Roughly slice 2 chicken breasts into strips (about the size of a tenderloin or thinner) and layer the strips on the top tray of the varoma leaving gaps for steam to come through. Put the lid on and cook 15mins/varoma temp/sp 2.

When timer is up carefully remove the varoma and take out the steaming basket using the spatula. Rinse eggs under cold water then place in the fridge. Flip the chicken strips and if not cooked through (depending on size of strips) put the varoma back in place and cook for 5min/varoma/sp3. (Adjust time depending on how cooked chicken is).

When cooked, remove liquid from bowl & put the cooked chicken in bowl. Shred, 4seconds/reverse/speed 4. Place chicken in a container, cool and store in fridge.

Rinse bowl and the make mayo of your preference. Put the finished mayo in a jar and place peeled eggs in TM bowl  with the left over mayo sp5/reverse/5seconds to mash eggs and combine with mayo. Place in a container, refrigerate and use on sandwiches, wraps, in sushi etc for yummy picnic lunches or dinners!


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