This weeks Jamicure

Anyone else jamdicted? Jamberry has exploded into the Aussie market in the past 6 weeks and I’m pretty sure everyone knows a newly recruited Jamberry consultant. Luckily the product is pretty awesome and, in my experience, it lives up to the promises. If you contact a consultant they will most likely send you out a sample to give them a go (if the consultant you contact says no then I’d suggest contacting another consultant!).

Here’s my jamicure at the moment:

I’m wearing

Out of focus (ring fingers), Leo, geo & lace & white stripes (from the lil’ Sedona Jamberry juniors) over cheap nail polish in mint and a pastel coral colour.
And here’s one I tried earlier…

Lost ruins on nude nails. I did a full mani and pedi with spare jams using a half sheet which I won as a prize. The mani lasted just under 2 weeks but I applied with a heat pack rather than hair dryer like I normally do. The pedi is 3 weeks down and still looks like the day I did it!


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