2 Bowls are Better than 1!

You might have heard whispers…

Thermomix BBL offer starts january 12th

OR maybe you got some really exciting news in your inbox…

BBL Better book a demo

OR maybe you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about at all!


Awww Thor, you’re totally my 2nd or maybe 3rd favourite Avenger 🙂

Ok, back to business. So here it is, the incentive you’ve all been waiting for! From January 12th, 2016 until February 15th, 2016 the much anticipated Thermomix Bowl, Blade and Lid (BBL) Host Reward incentive will be offered in Australia. This offer is only available to current Thermomix owners (which means if its something you want you need to contact your consultant now to purchase before the incentive begins.). When TMX (TM31 and TM5) owners host a qualifying demo they will be able to purchase a bowl, blade and lid set for their machine at a special price (contact your consultant for all the finer details). This is the first time bowl, blade and lid sets have been available to purchase for the TM5 so its pretty exciting news!

But why would you want an additional BBL? Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of some of the advantages an additional BBL can bring:

  • Use one for sweet and one for savoury.
  • Use one for food and one for cleaning and body products.
  • Less washing up between dishes which saves lots of time. You can give a bowl a quick rinse, put it on the dish rack and its usually dry before you’re ready to use it again.
  • Ever realize part way through a dish that you forgot to grate cheese, chop an ingredient or mill sugar? No worries, just pull out your second bowl.
  • Ever discovered half way through a recipe that you’re missing an ingredient that you could whip up yourself (coconut milk, curry powder, garam marsala etc). No worries – second bowl!
  • Lasagna tomato sauce in one, bechamel in the other.
  • 2 bowls means double the space when feeding a big crowd – cook one dish, store in thermoserver, cook a second portion.
  • Some dishes require you to grate or mill an ingredient as the first step then thoroughly wash and dry the bowl before continuing, 2 dry bowls eliminates this need.
  • Cook main dish in one and side or dessert in the second.
  • You have a spare bowl and blades set if an unfortunate accident occurs so you can keep on thermomixing whilst you wait for repair or replacement.
  • Cook up days become even faster.
  • Breakfast – whip up porridge for the kids in one bowl and a green smoothie for you in the second (no one wants to make a smoothie in a hot bowl!)

These are just a few ideas. What do you think an additional bowl, blade and lid (BBL) set could mean for you?

2nd bbl set




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