Just add water

Have you tried regrowing your vegetable scraps? I saw a few posts about it on pinterest so decided to give it a go. Continue reading


The big C – cleaning

There are lots of ways that I am not your typical 50s housewife and house keeping is a major one. Right now, my house is an absolute mess! The household chores have been really getting on top of me and the messier the house is the more chaotic my head feels (or maybe it’s the more chaotic my head is, the messier my house gets? Chickens and eggs really.) Continue reading

Jamicures – January 2016

It was a 3 jamicure month because I was rather lazy with my nail prep so didnt have a good sticking surface for the first jamicure (it still had sticky residue left and I was lazy and just stuck the wraps over the top!). Nail prep is an essential step to getting your most out of your jamicure so take the time to create a good base for your jams. Continue reading

Kitchen Renovation Time Part 2

Renovating your home is hard work. Yes there’s the labour of tearing the old one out and putting the new one in and of course the expense but I’m not talking about that. No, renovating is hard because of all the decisions you have to make! Continue reading

Bath slime, not for the feint of heart!

Bath slime. Jelly bath. Bath gel. Call it what you will… Why? Why is this even a thing? This Christmas my gorgeous sister in law and brother spoilt our girls with a package of presents and included in all these presents was a box of bath slime. Now, I’m assuming it was because they love their nieces and not because they hate me but after using it who can tell (just joking, seriously!). So for the past month I have been putting off using the bath slime, lots of showers, not many baths and I didn’t dare to mention it. I thought it might be fun to use a little in a tub of water outside sometime but my girls (the big one at least) felt differently. Continue reading

The Consultant’s lifes for me!

Thermomix in Australia are running a great business kit special at the moment. Last business kit promotion that Thermomix ran I thought “Why not? What have I got to lose?” and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! What could a Thermomix business mean to you? I really love this video about some real life consultants stories! Continue reading

The Thermomix Recipe Platform is going to ROCK!

So one of the many perks of being a Thermomix consultant is that we’ve been granted early access to the Thermomix recipe platform (TRP). We consultants are essentially the last step in the testing phase before its ready to launch.

Continue reading