The Thermomix Recipe Platform is going to ROCK!

So one of the many perks of being a Thermomix consultant is that we’ve been granted early access to the Thermomix recipe platform (TRP). We consultants are essentially the last step in the testing phase before its ready to launch.

Want to know more about the recipe platform? Click here!

So here is the low down: The TRP is a platform for storing, sorting, meal planning with your favourite Thermomix recipes. If you have a recipe chip you can register it and all of the recipes within it will be available to use in your recipe platform. You can also purchase recipe collections (which are very affordable – YAY!) and there are free recipes included in the platform.

You then are able to use your device to create a meal plan using any of your available recipes by simply clicking and dragging the recipe to the day and meal you would like it on. The TRP then creates a shopping list for you of the ingredients you will need to cook your meal plan. Even better you can check off the ingredients in your pantry so you don’t buy things you don’t need AND you can add other items to the shopping list (so you are still ready to create recipes you love that are not in your meal plan/RPL!).

TRP is truly amazing! Its going to make meal planning so easy and help us all to ensure we buy what we need and use what we have (and cut back on our waste – great for the environment and our wallets!) I can’t wait for the official launch so that more Australians can take advantage of this fabulous technology!


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