The Consultant’s lifes for me!

Thermomix in Australia are running a great business kit special at the moment. Last business kit promotion that Thermomix ran I thought “Why not? What have I got to lose?” and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! What could a Thermomix business mean to you? I really love this video about some real life consultants stories!

For me, becoming a consultant has given me an opportunity to share something I’m truly passionate about. I love my Thermomix and as cliche as it sounds, I do believe it is a life changing machine. Life before we got Mixie was a bit more hectic and I was living with the guilt of not being the mother and wife that I wanted to be. I have PND and I also have struggled with obesity for my entire adult life. I don’t want to share my food issues with my daughters and I didn’t want to fill their little bodies with ‘crap’ food but when you are only just coping with the daily grind, aren’t much of a cook anyway and have a baby who has a seriously long witching hour right around dinner time, it gets easy to fall into unhealthy habits. Lots of boxed and bagged food which I could just throw in the oven was becoming our staple diet on nights when my husband was working. IF I was winning that day I might put some baby spinach and cherry tomatoes on the plate too. Most of the time I wasn’t winning. Now I create meals and snacks that I could only dream of before. I know what food is going into my children’s and my own body! I very rarely have meal fails and I’ve grown more confident as a cook. I try new things I would never have made before.

Another aspect I love about my job as a consultant is that I get to meet lots of wonderful new people; members of my local team, the extended branch team and new customers at every demo. I get to hear their stories and share in their excitement when they get their thermomix and they send me photos of their creations or tell me all the things they’ve made lately!

Of course there is also a financial benefit to being a consultant plus lots of rewards along the way! This month it allowed us to get gorgeous new blinds for our lounge room which was a wonderful feeling for me. After being a SAHM for 5 years I feel so much pride to be able to contribute financially to my family again. Finding a flexible job which worked around my husband and our children and wasn’t in my trained profession (this Mumma simply can’t give her all to both early childhood teaching and raising her own small children at the same time!) was too hard to organise but I longed to feel like I was contributing financially, being a wonderful role model for my daughters letting them see that staying at home to care for your family and working outside of your home are equally as valuable roles. I also get to enjoy some much needed time outside of motherhood too. Thermomix works for us. What could a Thermomix business mean for you? Contact me or a local consultant to discuss it today.



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