The big C – cleaning

There are lots of ways that I am not your typical 50s housewife and house keeping is a major one. Right now, my house is an absolute mess! The household chores have been really getting on top of me and the messier the house is the more chaotic my head feels (or maybe it’s the more chaotic my head is, the messier my house gets? Chickens and eggs really.)

Something you often don’t realise about PND is how it can completely rob you of any motivation for anything! Ive gained a tonne of weight, I’ve got so many unfinished new dresses in my sewing pile and my home looks like its been ransacked 😉

For the most part I feel good and ‘me’ but the housework is the area that falls down in a heap still! I’m quite laxy and I haven’t been able to really catch up since xmas and now it’s driving me insane! Its time to take some action and cull some stuff because we have too much stuff for me to handle! To diarise my daily and weekly housework so I can keep on top of it. To get my pride in our home back and stop living in fear that someone will drop by unexpected!

Todays task is working on our living area, an L shaped space in our home which contains our dining room, casual lounge room and play space. This means culling a lot of toys because we have far more than can ever be needed AND our 2 little girls have birthdays in the next 5 weeks! Problem is that I find culling toys so hard. Is it just me? I hate to give away anything they were gifted for fear of insulting someone! I hate giving away anything I like, whether the girls play with it or not!  I hate giving away anything that interests them in the least (hello box of minion toys from macdonalds, kinder suprises, surprise eggs,  blind bags etc!). I hate giving away anything I can see play potential in (thats the early childhood teacher in me “but that pebble and plastic mermaid that came on their glass of juice once when we were out for dinner are the beginings of a fabulous underwater little world play space” All the preschool teachers get me 😉 ) Basically we have just about every toy they’ve ever gotten cluttering up our home, being dumped on the floor and never put away,  so many toys the girls are probably as overwhelmed as me and have no idea what to play with! I’ve got to be cut throat and really downsize the toys. Any tips?


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