Birthday eves…

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

~ Osho ~
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Not too naughty Easter Slice


Its a month until Easter and although the supermarkets have had Easter rammed down our throats stock on the shelves since boxing day, I prefer to limit all the carby and chocolatey cheer to just a month! So this week I worked on a little Easter slice recipe and I am oh so proud of how it turned out!

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Dairy free thermisotto.

I love a good thermisotto. Honestly it is hands down my absolute favourite dish to create with my Thermomix. Its a bit of a wow dish and its also fast and low maintenance to cook. (Mummy approved!) I make it at least once a week and mix up the ingredients each week; ham and capsicum risotto, chicken spinach and pea risotto, mushroom risotto. If I have paremesan cheese in the fridge I use it but if not I love it just as much without. If you have the TM5 and basic cookbook recipe chip then you can just cook this guided style, adding garlic and onion to the salt cooking step. If not I’ve got my slightly different steps below which you can use manually. Sprinkle on a little porcini mushroom salt (I made the recipe from the festive flavours cookbook) to serve and enjoy with a good glass of wine and some wonderful company or while watching Charlie and Lola with your tired little people 😉


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My business passion.

I had a lovely early birthday dinner with my family on Saturday night after Open day. As we all sat around the table enjoying my favourite dinner my parents asked me how my day had been. As I excitedly chatted about the fantastic day I’d had (which was only possible thanks to them baby sitting Rabbit and Monkey for me) my Dad smiled at me and said “I never, ever expected to see you in sales AND excited by it.”
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