The Real Motherhood Challenge – K’s story

I have decided it is time for a real motherhood challenge, showing the real challenge of Motherhood in all its imperfect glory. I want to create something to show that it is in fact the struggles we overcome which we should be most proud of and that, although ‘the real motherhood challenge‘ isn’t the face of motherhood society encourage us to share, we need to embrace and share not only the wonderful ups but also the hardest parts of our real motherhood experiences. You can read the original article here.

K’s real motherhood story.

K is a beautiful and kind woman who I have met online through interest groups. She is a truly inspirational person with a massive heart and faces real challenges every single day. She recently wrote a beautiful rap expressing her fight and her experience which really moved me when she shared it. When I decided to create this series I knew that K’s story was one I would love to share. Throughout the time I have known her she has been through more downs than ups and yet she continues to care and give to others in the most beautiful way. She has given me permission to share her rap here with you and a brief bio. This is K’s real motherhood challenge.

Every day I fight

I live in public housing in a place you don’t wanna visit.
Plugging away at a uni degree for nine years to try ‘n beat the system.
I tried to get a job but my boss was a bitch;
For a minute there I had a taste of being rich.

I fight for my child to give her all the things I didn’t have,
Like self esteem and healthy food and all the things the others have.
I want her to believe that she can be a winner.
Yeah.. you go down the shops with two dollars, see what you can buy for dinner.

Kids down the shop her age sniffin’ glue,
Parents got their teeth missin’ from their own misspent youth.
People beggin’ for change, everywhere we go;
I got my own kid to feed, it’s hard to say no.

Check the chemist any morning, you’ll see the methadone train,
And the mob of kids at the train station seeing what they can gain.
It’s hard to keep fighting when you got a glass ceiling,
Holding you back, until your head is reeling.

And every day I fight.

To keep up the illusion that we live in a classless system.
That she has the same rights as other kids in the school that she plays in.
To protect her from judgement and no food in her belly.
While I do what I can to make it a reality.

She wanted a play date I said I wasn’t too sure.
She said it’s ok mum… her mum’s nice…they got kicked out of their house but they got a new one now…
No way!

I put her in a private school to give her something more.
Lost my car to a druggo who crashed into my door.
So we walked and caught the bus til she got the hang of it.
Then the principle called and said you cant let a kid catch a bus.. it’s dangerous around here!
Yea no shit!

The media bombards us with stories about single mothers,
Ripping off the government more than any others!
What I don’t understand is that noone even bothers,
Questioning the fathers who do nothing for their son’s and daughters!
Why aren’t they being judged? Oh that’s right,
They’ve got better things to do like livin their life.

Today I called the school asked for tuckshop on credit.
The lady sound horrified she couldn’t believe I said it.
After making me sweat she offered a vegemite sandwich.
Fuck you and your vegemite lady, I don’t need your charity.

And they don’t understand how they’re making a mockery,
Of all the things I teach her bout life and society.
It makes me sad that one day she’ll learn the cold truth,
That there’s people who have everything and then there’s me and you.

So every day I fight.



K is a sole parent to 2 daughters. She grew up in a single parent family in public housing, and suffered emotional and sexual abuse, before running away at 13. K was the first family member to have another convicted for sexual abuse, and also the first to enroll in university. She has almost completed her degree in social work, and wants to help others in similar situations.


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