Stocking up for Lunchboxes!

We are coming into the second week of preschool but I spent this weekend stocking the freezer with lunchbox foods because to be frank, it was far too hot to cook last weekend, it was too hot to do anything that didn’t involve cold water and fans!

Yesterday I started with not cross buns (fruit buns) and hawaiin rolls. Today I made pizza scrolls, chickpea choc chip cookies, apple and carrot muffins and date and coconut cookies.


Not-cross buns.
I used the Thermomumma hot cross bun recipe, using a mixture of dates, figs, apricots, craisins and sultanas and I left the cross off. I was going to glaze them but got busy with dinner, so didn’t! The easiest way to get evenly sized buns is to weigh your balls of dough (around 80grams is a good size) and to get a good uniform shape try checking out this video.

Hawaiin Rolls.
I used the (you guessed it!) Thermomumma cheese and bacon roll recipe. I love Thermomumma‘s bread recipes so 99% of the time I use these as my base. Instead of bacon and cheese I used a mixture of pineapple, ham and orange cheese (carrot and cheese grated together in the thermomix) to top them. Today I used the Thermomumma savory scroll recipe to create pizza scrolls as well.

Chickpea choc chip cookies.
Our little Monkey is almost 2 (how did that happen?), always hungry and a total fruit bat! Getting her to eat anything healthy that isn’t fruit is near impossible but too much fruit affects her little belly – big time. It makes packing her lunchbox tricky although I’m sure her family day care Mum (aka the best thing that every happened to us!) wouldn’t mind if we packed her packaged treats but we are very keen to change our families eating habits this year.
Instead of choc chips I swapped them for 100 grams of sultanas (Monkey LOVES tarnies!) to encourage her to enjoy these protein packed cookies, I will add less next time. I didn’t have any dried chickpeas but I did have chickpea flour so I swapped that to and skipped the grinding step. These weren’t the best cookies of my life, a little dense but I didn’t flatten them out like it was suggested in the recipe. Monkey took one bite and said “No thanks, I don’t like it.” then put it back on the cooling rack but she came back half a minute later and said “More tarnie cookies please, yummy yummy!” and did a little dance for me until I gave her the goods. Husband and Rabbit both tried them and enjoyed them too so we will be making these regularly and just changing the choc chips, fruits, nuts etc for different combos.

Apple and Carrot Muffins.
After I’d scraped most of the chick pea cookies out I started on these muffins without bothering to wash the bowl. These were very quick and easy and Rabbit loved them. The only change I made was to use a green apple instead of red because I didn’t have any red apples.

Coconut Date Cookies.
These were my favourite baking from today, so yummy! I also didn’t wash the bowl between recipes and I didn’t read the recipe properly so added everything including milk; they still worked really well. Lovely, moist and sweet.






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