Finish off February

Facebook memories reminded me that last year I did something called ‘Finish it off Februaury’ where I finally finished off some of my unfinished sewing projects so I’ve decided to do the same again this year. I haven’t had a sew-jo since October but I finished Frocktober with a number of unfinished dresses that I plan to finish this month.

First up I will be working on a cute tartan 50s styled dress which I’m planning to wear to Thermomix Open day next week, its made out of a black fabric with forest green, pink and white lines so I think it will be great with my thermie-apron and a cute head scarf!

tartan dress inspiration

These dresses are my frockspiration, how adorable are tartan dresses??? I think I need to go fabric shopping and buy some more! I’ll be sewing it up in a simple style like this one:


Quick sew, easy to maintain and move around in when thermie-ing up a storm. Stay tuned for the finished outfit shots.


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