The tidy homed housewife

As blogged about earlier, cleaning is not my strong point. I worked on our living area last week, when I was done it was lovely and tidy and then within hours the next day it was completely trashed. Wahhhhhhhh. How do people with toddlers keep their homes clean? I feel like I’m losing the household battle and its almost time to raise that white flag, throw up my arms and surrender, just let the mess take me! BUT In all my pinterest activity I have actually pinned some very handy articles about keeping a clean and tidy home so this week I got to reading and I’ve come up with a plan to get me on top of the housework and keep me there.

The easiest way to keep a tidy home, according to my reading, is to adopt a one touch rule and to complete every job you start, when you start it. I don’t do either of these things, I am the absolute queen of starting a task, getting distracted and not completing it. I will start cleaning the living room, find something that goes in the kitchen, take it to the kitchen, start the dishes, get distracted by one of the children, feed/water/clean them, put a load of washing on, start sorting out some of the dry washing in Mount Washington, get distracted by the kids, get them food/drink/hygiene assistance, start watching TV with them, check facebook, realise its time to start dinner so go and cook that, start tidying the dining room so we have somewhere to eat, serve dinner, eat dinner, take the plates out but not wipe the table and sweep, start a bath, get the kids to bed, feed the dog, sit down and realise I did a lot but actually achieved absolutely nothing all day and my house is messier than it was to start with. And the cycle continues! Another of my weaknesses is that everything doesn’t have a place so I just end up putting it somewhere else and then moving it over and over again (not anything at all like the one touch rule!).

The root of the problem is that I am drowning in stuff. Over the years we have just collected so much stuff! We bought together 2 adult households and since then the stuff has just multiplied each year. Toys, books, crafts, decor, clothes, bits of paper, games, puzzles, DVDs and CDs (we don’t even have a working CD or DVD player!), knick knacks, kitchen stuff (although when we got the Thermomix I did a big kitchen cull and when we reno’d the cupboards I did another one so the kitchen is the best room in the house at the moment), appliances, more toys, I’m sure you all know what I mean. My home is in desperate need of a minimalisation (I might trademark that made up word đŸ˜‰ )!

So here is the plan:

  1. Minimalise our stuff!
  2. Finish each job before starting the next one.
  3. Give everything a place, if it doesn’t have somewhere to go then get rid of it!
  4. Put everything away immediately/touch things once.
  5. Do a crap basket clean up every evening before bed.

This isn’t going to be an easy task by any means, I’m 33 (for a few more days at least!), this is very much about teaching an old dog some new tricks but it will be very much worth it to finally get our home back in order again! I hope you follow my progress (it will keep me accountable!) and if you have any other magical cleaning and organising wisdom to share with me, please do!



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