My business passion.

I had a lovely early birthday dinner with my family on Saturday night after Open day. As we all sat around the table enjoying my favourite dinner my parents asked me how my day had been. As I excitedly chatted about the fantastic day I’d had (which was only possible thanks to them baby sitting Rabbit and Monkey for me) my Dad smiled at me and said “I never, ever expected to see you in sales AND excited by it.”

The truth is, I love my Thermomix business and I AM very excited and passionate about it but its not the sales part that has brought that passion out in me.

This week I celebrated a mile stone with my Thermomix business. I achieved  a goal that I honestly never thought was possible and it felt amazing. My team leader also set me a challenge this week, a challenge to put into words why I do this. When it comes down to it she was really challenging me to consciously realise what my passion is when it comes to being a Thermomix consultant so that I can then share that passion in my demos and my business (and overcome my nerves and fears).

Through all my thinking and planning for this homework what I’ve realised is that its not the sales part of Thermomix that excites me, although financially contributing to our home after years is a wonderful feeling for me! But no, its not the money. Its the people! It’s the relationships I get to build, its the difference that I get to make to these peoples lives. And also the world.


Its very easy to dismiss what we do; I should know because I’ve spent years doing just that! I’d hear a Thermomix consultant say that they are changing lives or that a Thermomix is a life changing machine and I would think “You only sell a kitchen appliance.” I spent the first few months as a consultant dismissing my job and my business as just a party plan business that I signed up for to score the freebies. I had full intentions to quit it sooner rather then later. But those thoughts were actually just a defense, a way of not invsting too much of myself until I knew I wanted to and that it was the right thing for me. Quickly I started to enjoy it and I started to feel inspired by the amazing things my fellow consultants were doing.

When I heard a quote from a branches managers vision talk to her team I heard the reasons I’m excited by my business put into words. In her amazingly powerful speech she described what selling a Thermomix actually means; helping people to change their health results AND their taste buds, to change the contents of their shopping trolleys AND the ingredients stocked on the supermarket shelves, to change the conversations people are having about food, their bank balances and their idea of what food is. Such an incredible amount of big changes and I get to help people make them!


Last week a customer and long time friend told me that our local Coles is now stocking dried porcine mushrooms! In Woolworths I spotted cacao powder. The 2 Asian supermarkets in our town haven’t been able to keep up with demand for a special brand of curry powder and keep selling out. Local Thermomix owners are even posting in groups to let each other know when the next shipment has arrived!Its so exciting to see these changes happening in my local community!

The content of my shopping trolley, fridge and pantry is completely different today; whole foods, fresh produce, bulk pantry staples. The money saved each week is incredible, I often think I must have done my sums wrong when I work out how much less we spend weekly now but no matter how many times I check the figures, they stay the same. My power bill is going down, our waste food and packaging is shrinking. The conversations I have with friends now has changed too and when people come to my home I feed them nourishing food that they actually enjoy! It makes my heart sing with pride! I  have so much more confidence in the kitchen. I am slowly healing a life long disfunctional relationship with food. Owning a Thermomix is literally changing my life.


So what does all this ranting and rambling come down to? The passion I have for my business is the passion of empowering people to change their lives. I know first hand what a Thermomix can mean in someones life and now I get to share that with people and, if they want to and when they are ready, I get to help them experience these amazing changes first hand. I get to meet amazing people, to hear their stories, their struggles, their desires for the life they want to live and then I get to be part of their journey in achieving those desires. Whether it be saving money, eliminating preservatives and specific foods, saving energy and limiting waste or enjoying more quality free time without having to sacrifice real, good foods created from scratch in their kitchens, I get to be part of their journey. How lucky am I?


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