Not too naughty Easter Slice


Its a month until Easter and although the supermarkets have had Easter rammed down our throats stock on the shelves since boxing day, I prefer to limit all the carby and chocolatey cheer to just a month! So this week I worked on a little Easter slice recipe and I am oh so proud of how it turned out!

Last weekend we had a party for Monkey and Rabbit who have upcoming birthdays (Rabbit is 5 TOMORROW *sob!* don’t get this Mumma started!) and my gorgeous friends from the have-you-tried-burning-it-off-and-on-again family joined us for the festivities which gave me the opportunity to find and perfect a vegan friendly chocolate frosting recipe and I did just that!

I used this delicious raw chocolate frosting recipe that I found on the Thermomix recipe community. It was so good and I used it to top some all-in-one magic bean chocolate cupcakes but it was a little runny for my liking.

While I was recipe planning for my thermomix team meeting during the week I wanted an Easter themed dessert that wasn’t too rich and unhealthy so I decided to turn the raw chocolate frosting into a yummy ganache style topping for a chocolate slice. You can find the not-too-naughty Easter slice recipe in full here. If you try it I would love to hear you’re thoughts in the reviews.


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