Tales from my #mummalife

Motherhood sometimes delivers the most unexpectedly beautiful gifts. 
Lets set the scene… Monkey and Rabbit have been playing before bed, running around, using boxes as boats, singing songs etc. Its been lovely but they’ve also been asked at least 3 times by husband and 5 times by me to get out of their boxes and head to the bathroom to brush their teeth before bed.
Finally I pull out the good old “I don’t want to have to use my cross voice but Daddy and I have asked you a number of times. This is the last time I will say it before I get cross…” speech which appears to work this time when they both get up and Rabbit heads off to the bathroom.
Monkey, my cheeky and strong willed Monkey, however has other ideas. She sits back in the box. She grabs her Frozen dolls and bunny, placing them beside her in the box. She leans back in the box, lifts her legs up and rests them on the opposite edge of the box, crossing them. She places her hands behind her head, looks and me and smiles. Her face lights up with cheeky defiance and if she had a thought bubble above her head it would read “Your move b*! $h!”
She cheekily stetches out, making herself comfy as she awaits my response and then it happens, one of those marvelous gifts that motherhood sometimes hands you… she over stretches, her heavy toddler head weighs far more than her chubby toes and the box tips, tumbling her out before I even have to say a word! Ego is the only thing injured and she sheepishly toddles off to the bathroom with her tail betweeb her legs, carefully avoiding my eye.
I raise my eyes to the heavens, unable to stop the small smile on my lips as I whisper, thank you kharma.



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