French onion dip, oui, oui.

When I first got my Thermomix and I was playing around trying out some different ideas, I accidentally created the most delicious french onion dip recipe in the world (in my humble opinion!).


In fact, its not only my humble opinion that says its good – the feedback on the recipe community has been fantastic! In fact, my best friend made it for a party and was blown away by how good it was then checked to see who had created the recipe and was surprised when she realised it was me!

I’ve never cooked it the old fashion way but I think it would go well. You would need to finely chop the onions and then saute with the butter, vinegar, stock concentrate and sugar, being careful not to caramelise or burn the onions. You want a mixture of soft, almost translucent onions coloured by the stock concentrate only. Then combine with cream cheese and serve or refridgerate. The full ingredients and Thermomix instructions can be found here. Enjoy x



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