Jamicure of the month for March – tiny toes edition

Jamberry make junior wraps and they are great. My daughters and I share a set of junior wraps for special holiday occassions like Christmas, Easter etc but I don’t generally do their jamicures or purchase junior jamberry wraps. I find my little ladies are far too keen to pick the jams off and as the adhesive in jamberry wraps is so good and strong I really worry about them doing damage to their nails. If you don’t remove your jamicure gently and correctly then you can damage your nails (Click here for info on removing your wraps correctly and gently).

Instead my little ladies get monthly toe jamicures. They both really love them (Monkey is 2 and Rabbit is 5!), its quick and easy, I utilise adult wraps cut to fit so they cost basically nothing and they last at least a month between reapplications.


For Monkeys toe jams I was able to use less than 2 nail wraps from the old sample cards. I never bother shaping the wraps for little toes, I use the curved edge for the big toe and the other toes all have a rectangle of wrap applied to them. Little toes don’t need to be completely covered to look adorable and honestly, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Heres a break down of how I cut her wraps.

ari jams



Rabbit of course was the creative director of her jamicure so hers is much more fashion forward than my usual jamicures. She wanted clear wraps with polish underneath so please excuse the messy polish application! I love this colour polish under the white wraps though (its a rimmel polish).
Rabbit has a piece of the white pop heart wraps on one big toe. A sample from the sample cards for the other 4 toes on that foot; this is her love heart foot. The left foot has left over pieces of white striped clear wraps from a junior jams sheet that she won; this is her stripey foot. The break down is similar to this picture but of course she used 3 different wraps including left over scraps from previous jamicures.


I find this to be an extremely cheap and easy way to do kids toe jams! I always have assorted left over pieces and wraps so rather than going to waste my little ladies get to enjoy them! Winning 🙂


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