Hot cross buns!?

choc-raspberry hot crossed buns
Easter time is upon us. The shelves are filled with brightly coloured chocolate eggs and, the real star of the show in my opinion, hot cross buns. Mmmmm!

This is my first Easter as a Thermomix owner so of course its the first time I’ve ever made hot cross buns. I cringe thinking about what my hot cross buns attempts from the past would have looked like! Its lucky for me that Easter 2016 was the year of my first home made hot crossed buns because Easter 2016 also seemed to be the yeah of that picture of the lethal cancer causing ‘bun essence’ making the rounds on social media. That was Easter 2016s black and blue vs gold and white striped dress am I right?? I don’t know if its completely 100% accurate because I’m pretty certain you can’t trust everything you read on facebook, but scary if it is real.

I made a post last week on my facebook page about my very strongly held stance on chocolate vs fruit hot cross buns. “Chocolate belongs in purple wrappers not bread!” I claimed. I practically was waving around a big white sign with “Fruit forever” painted on it! But Mr Mixie loves chocolate hot cross buns and I love him so I decided to whip up something special and its even converted me. Turns out sometimes chocolate hot cross buns are divine!


Choc Raspbery Hot Cross Buns.


  • 275 grams water, lukewarm
    teaspoons instant dried yeast
    550 grams white bakers flour
    teaspoon salt
    teaspoons apple cider vinegar, or bread improver
    grams sugar
    teaspoons cocoa
    teaspoons YIAH Chocolate Raspberry Truffle chocolate powder, or see tip
    grams soft butter
    grams milk or dak chocolate chips, frozen
    grams dried cranberries, (I used raspberry infused craisins)
    tablespoons water, chilled (cross mixture)
    tablespoons flour, (cross mixture)
    tablespoons water, (bun glaze mixture)
    tablespoons sugar, (bun glaze mixture)

Add water, yeast, flour, salt, vinegar, sugar, cocoa, chocolate powder & butter to bowl. Combine 40 seconds, speed 3. Then knead 8 minutes dough function.

Tip out dough onto an oiled surface & flatten out. Now add your craisins and frozen chocolate chips & knead by hand till well combined. It will take you a few minutes to fully incorporate the fruit.

Wrap in a thermomat or place in a greased bowl and cover with a tea-towel & allow the dough to sit for 15 minutes before using.

Now knock down the dough & divide into 80g portions. Place a tea-towel over your dough to stop them from drying out while you start rolling them into nice tight balls. Arrange on a baking tray spaced a few cms apart.

Place your tray in a nice warm moist area to prove. If you are proving in a dry heat please spray your dough with water & cover your tray or the dough will dry out.

Turn oven on 180C.

When the buns are almost ready to bake, add the cross mixture to your bowl & mix 30 seconds, speed 4. Scrape down. Repeat. If your mix is very runny at this stage you may add a little extra flour & mix again. You want a nice thick paste.

Using a piping bag or syringe draw x’s on the top of all your rolls.

Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 20/25 minutes or until golden brown.

Place bun glaze mixture in bowl & cook 3 minutes, 100C, speed 3, MC off. Immediately glaze your hot x buns while hot with the sugar syrup using a pastry brush.

If you do not have YIAH chocolate powders you can still make chocolate craisin buns. Replace YIAH powder with 2 teaspoons milk powder and 1 extra teaspoon of cocoa and increase the sugar to 45-65grams.To make YIAH jaffa hot crossed buns use choc-orange powder and leave out the craisins. I think YIAH salted caramel with dates would be very yummy too!


These pretties were my last and best hot cross buns this Easter; Thermomumma dough with figs, craisins, apricot and dates. Hot out of the oven for Easter morning breakfast! Yum!

I hope all of my follwers had a happy a safe Easter 2016 and that you got to make bread or at least break bread with the people you love!


These amazing hot cross buns were made by Rabbit and her preschool friends! Learning about food ingredients, technology, maths! Exploring the ingredients and dough with their senses, rolling their own buns and even piping on their own crosses. Cooking with kids is so very valuable! Preschools oven cooks a little unevenly though!


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