I knew I forgot something!

To blog… I forgot to blog!

This month I set myself a goal to book in and do at least 10-12 Thermomix demonstrations. I wanted to share the Thermomix with at least 30 households. It was a big goal.
Last month I undertook 2 demos, an average month for my business is 2-4 demos and that is exactly where I want it. Well wanted it actually. This month has changed my goals.

I started the month well prepared and had sceduled posts for my facebook page and blog to last a few weeks. Unfortunately, I forgot to schedule myself to schedule the rest of the month and in the bustle I forgot about my blog! I remembered my in person responsibilities so thats not too bad right? I’ve only been doing this working Mum job for a few months now!

Do you schedule posts? I’ve been doing so for the past 2 months and its great! I work from home because I don’t want to miss out on these early years with my children. Its a conscious decision my husband and I have made for our family. BUT its a decision thats taken its toll on me over the years so I needed more in my life. I didn’t however want to be tied to the laptop or mobile all the time, & thats what was happenong. That’s not fair on anyone.

Scheduling posts means that I can build my presence in my business, be consistent but do it at times that suit me! As a blogger it often is easiest to write when you’re on a roll anyway and I find by sharing occassional runs of facebook posts about a topic (margarita day, saving energy for Earth hour etc) I get more engagement anyway.

If you run an online business page or blog then give post scheduling a go 🙂


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