Parenting a Sensitive Child

Our Rabbit is a sensitive child. She seems to feel everything in an amplified way, both physically and emotionally. Over the Summer I was worried about this to a point where I was starting to wonder if maybe what I’ve always just thought of as ‘sensitivity’ is more than that and if I should be seeking professional help for possible sensory processing issues. I’ve calmed down a bit since then and I’m fairly sure my original stance was the right one but isn’t 90% of parenting just suspecting we are doing things wrong? (That is not a factual statistic so don’t quote me!) Continue reading



Well it happened… Today my baby hurt herself (well her sister pulled her over hugging her actually but thats a different story). “Come here bubby.” I said as I went in for the hug. As she was running to me with tears streaming down her face she responds “I not baby!”
And with those 3 words I realised just how grown up my Monkey is. Continue reading

April Incentives!

Have you ever seen the Thermomix toolkit? Its this months host reward. All of the info is below.

AU Exclusive Bonus Host Reward April 2016 FINAL

There is also a crazy exciting 24 month interest free promotion starting next week! I’ll blog more about that and just how exciting the $21.50/week repayments but pre-approval is open now so get your consultants number and get your order in right now. Its also easier than ever before to apply! Info below.

AU 24 Month Interest Free Flyer Editable DL Flyer April 2016