They call him caramello, custard.


The Easter Bunny was sent to the shop to get some chocolate bunnies and a bag of scattering eggs. He came home with heaps of bunnies, a giant bag of scattering eggs AND a bag of caramel filled eggs too! Now these caramel filled eggs from Aldi just weren’t very good, no one really wanted to eat them so we ended up with pretyy much an entire bag of them unwanted! I needed to find something to do with them that would turn these little eggs of blah into something amazing AND I did it (of course, I never doubted it!).

Caramello Custard

  • 200-220 grams small caramel filled easter eggs, Or block caramello or rolo chocolate
  • 2 eggs
  • 30 grams cornflour
  • 25 grams raw sugar, Optional
  • 500 grams milk

Put chocolate in TM bowl and grate 5secs/Spd8. Add all other ingredients. Scrape bottom of bowl using spatula to ensure no chocolate is stuck. Cook using TM5 automatic 3-4 serves, normal consistency or cook 7mins/90deg/Spd4.

When chilled this custard has an almost mouse like consitency, delicious! Enjoy!


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