Its lime pie time.

One of the many lovely perks of my job is that I sometimes am unexpectedly gifted with beautiful fresh produce that my customers have grown in their own backyards. Herbs, eggs, tomatoes and last week beautiful, ripe, juicey limes. I LOVE limes. I can’t sit down and eat a lime by any means but I love food and drinks made with lime, I love the scent of lime and its yummy tang. I’ve been adding lime to cups of tea, squeezing it over stir fries and curries, slicing it up and serving in ice cold water but on Wednesday, out of the blue my best friend brought over a quiche for dinner so I knew I had to make something special with these limes.

But first, lets talk about friendship and the power of women supporting each other. I am so blessed to have a good network of amazing women supporting me. This week I have been a bit low; when I arrived to pick up my daughter at daycare Monday afternoon her daycare teacher was genuinely concerned with how exhausted I looked, she even texted me the next day to make sure I was ok (cringe right? I didn’t know I looked that off! Probably should have stayed home lol).

Truth is that sometimes I’m a train wreck. I’m still battling through PND. I am trying to un-clutter my house (which honestly has turned into a pig sty over the past year and its something I’m constantly struggling to get on top of. It overwhelms me, its makes me anxious! Its a blog post in itself). I am trying to build a business which I honestly love but at times like this when everything else is on top of me anyway it can feel like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill. Last week Rabbit had lots of before school assessments which were exhausting and we now have lots of follow up appointments to attend. Over the past month she has had more melt downs then I can count, larger than ever before and that in itself is emotionally exhausting. So sometimes life gets on top of you and you don’t even realise it until the daycare Mum tells you you look like a train wreck (LOL) but then your best friend picks up your daughter from preschool to take the hecticness out of the afternoon and brings you dinner! My friend has plenty on her plate, she works damn hard and has lots of hurdles of her own, in life right now but, in spite of that she took the time to take care of me. I am blessed!

So anyway I had to find a yummy recipe to say thank you and because I had all these beautiful limes and she loves lime too I decided it was time to make my first lime tart.

coconut lime pie

GF Coconut Lime Pie

Disclaimer: The crust looks very brown in the picture, bad lighting! Its actually a lovely golden brown! I did not burn the pie! I promise!

You can find Thermomix Step by Step directions here. Please rate it if you like it 😀


4 limes
40 grams icing or caster sugar
4 eggs, separated (discard 1 white or save for something else)
180 grams desiccated coconut (about 2 heaped cups)
1 can condensed milk

Preheat your oven to 175C. Grease one of those pie pans with the seperate base plate. I’m sure a good cook would know their technical name but I have never claimed to be a good cook. I also didn’t use one of those tins and I lived to regret it.

To make the base; Place the coconut into a bowl and finely grate the zest from one lime into the bowl. Sift in the sugar then add 3 egg whites and mix (I would probably use an electric beater to ensure all the egg white is well combined). Press the crumb mixture evenly into the pie dish. You want to press it very firmly so it holds together when baked. Use a flat based cup to smooth if needed. bake until golden – 10-15minutes.

Juice the 4 limes and set aside. You want about 100mls of juice. Set aside. Place 4 egg yolks in a bowl and whip using electric beater. After about 30 seconds start to add the condensed milk. Continue until all condensed milk is combined with the egg yolks. Add lime juice and beat to combine. When the base is baked pour in the lime filling (no need to cool) and then bake for 10-15 minutes until golden and set in the middle. I sprinkled YIAH Key Lime Dukkah on before baking but this is optional. Allow to cool and then chill completely in fridge nefore serving.

Serve with some ice cream, whipped cream or a cup of tea (or all of the above, I won’t judge!).



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