Easy YIAH TMX vegetable soup

Just in time for Winter, there is finally a chill in the air! So for lunch today Im enjoying a piping hot bowl of this 20 minute soup.


Thai Pumpkin Soup

2-3 cloves of garlic
1 brown onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon of YIAH Thai Green Curry dip mix
1 tablespoon vegetable stock paste concentrate
400 grams water
Diced pumpkin/vegetables to fill simmering basket
100 grams coconut milk (or water if prefered)

1. Put peeled garlic cloves and peeled onion halves into TM bowl. Sp5/5sec. Add olive oil and saute, 4min/100C/sp1. Add dip mix, 1min/100C/sp1.
2. Add stock paste and water (400 grams if using coconut milk or 500 grams if leaving it out). Place simmering basket in TM bowl and add chopped pumpkin. Cook, 15 minutes/varoma/sp 3.
3. Ensure pumpkin is cooked through. Carefully tip pumpkin into bowl. Add coconut milk if using. Attach lid with measuring cup in place.
4. Set timer for 1 minute. Start at blade speed 5 and gradually increase to speed 9. Serve.

This recipe is a great base for all sorts of yummy soups, simply change up the vegetables and YIAH flavours to suit.


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