Why I took so long to make a vision board.

Creating a vision board is something that has been hanging around in the back of my mind for a while now. Its been suggested to me by a few different women in my life over the past 12 months. Vision boards are a concept that I find equal parts weird and wise. Weird because it seems a bit silly to sit down and glue and paste pictures to cardboard as an adult and then hang them up on your wall. Wise because if you don’t have a vision then how do you know where you want to go or how to get there?
9months ago at an initial TMX training session my branch manager and group leader attempted to sit me down with another new consultant to do a little vision board. I suspect they thought that this would be a great way to help us set some simple goals to feel excited by so we would have some idea of what we wanted to do with our businesses and how we were going to put our training into action. What they probably weren’t expecting was me to have such a hard time even attempting it. It truly pushed me almost to my breaking point.
For me, I will never forget how overwhelmed I felt in that moment. Standing in the BMs kitchen, feeling so lost and scared about gluing some paper on cardboard was ridiculous! I’m an early childhood teacher for goodness sake, I’ve done my fair share of gluing! But what I’ve realised in the months since then is that its very hard to have a vision for your future when you’re feeling lost. They’ve since told me that that day, and the way that I was affected by what they thought was a very simple task, really stuck with them too.


I’ve mentioned before that I joined TMX because I had lost myself in motherhood and I needed some way of finding me again. Motherhood is truly life changing,  and at 29 when I went from a single, self sufficient, career driven woman to a stay at home wife and Mum within the year I didn’t realise that it was ok to bring all the best parts of my old self to my new role. 4 years later and I was well and truly lost. Depression had taken a hold of me, I had regained all the weight I’d worked hard to lose and then some, I felt embarrassed by my SAHM status but the idea of going back to my previous career filled me with dread and wasn’t really possible for our family situation. I had no goals, I barely even had a plan for the day ahead.

Since then I’ve worked on my head space and I’ve finally found myself ready to start a vision board. Its not a business board or a weight loss board or a life goals board. Its all of the above 🙂 Words to inspire me, pictures to inspire me (and yes those pictures are me in some of my favourite dresses which do not currently fit – what better inspiration!), plans for our families future, incentives I want to earn at work, photos of my loved ones to remind me what its all about and why I am working towards the things I’m working towards.

Vision boarding can take many forms, for me I have some online vision boarding through my Pinterest account, a vision journal and of course my actual vision board which is on the wall behind my desk. The Pinterest board came first, it was less scary! I’d actually been vision boarding through Pinterest for a long time without realising what I was actually doing. Pinterest is essentially an online vision board. If you’ve ever pinned an inspirational quote or a holiday destination or an outfit idea or anything related to a goal or wish or dream then you’ve been vision  boarding. The downside to Pinterest vision boarding is that you can’t see the board or touch the board so there is less connection BUT it is a fabulous tool for planning your vision board or collecting things to print out for it.

Vision journals can be extremely effective if you are the kind of person who loves to write, loves journals or diaries, would carry a vision journal around and confidently add to it all of the time. Mine sits on the shelf of my desk. I’m too scared to write in it and mess it up! I don’t want it to turn into a scribbly mess so I just leave it and glue stuff in occassionally and leave it in pristine condition lol.

Vision boards are most effective in my opinion because they are something you see regularly. If I’m lost for words at my computer I will stare at my vision board and the words written on it are jumping out at me whilst I think. A vision board can be as designed or as basic as you like. I like ‘pretty’ so I have assorted paper boarders, coloured paper, different fonts etc. I have read that its best to hand write the words due to the connection your mind then makes with them or something BUT I think that for me personally if I had wrote all the words I would spend more time focusing on the messy handwriting then the message of the words 😉 I like things ‘pretty’ remember. Mine is 5 pieces of A4 paper taped to the wall with different things glued and taped to it. Its got a LOT on it but its also all very valuable to me. When I hear something that resonates with me then I add it. Eventually some parts I have added will probably become less important to me so I will cover them up. I use my vision board for my long term goals. I have pages in my diary that I use for short term goal planning and my diary is a whole ‘nother blog post (or maybe 2!)

I would LOVE to hear about your vision boarding experiences and opinions. If you decide to start one after reading this please let me know how you go 🙂



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