Disciplining our children.

Disciplining our children is such an important part of being a parent. Lately, as we’ve struggled with Rabbit’s big emotions and the behavior that comes with them, finding a discipline solution that works for us and her is proving very tricky. While I’ve been busy researching, Ive just stumbled across an incredible resource that is going to be a great help in guiding how I discipline from here on in.


Reading the sensitive child section on this chart and it just fit my Rabbit to a tee! If you click the picture, I’ve linked it back to the website I have shared it from. Frim my quick read it looks like a brilliant parenting resource.
I’m very interested to hear how you discipline your children (this is not a space for discussing the use of any form of physical discipline.). Have you tried to discipline your differently natured children the same or do you change the discipline to suit the individual child?


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