Passionfruit slice, Thermomix version

I blogged about this delicious passion fruit slice recipe last year when my passion fruit vine went beserk and we had more passion fruits then we knew what to do with. It was one of the very few recipes that actually used a decent amount of passion fruit, most would use up one or 2 but this beauty has 12 passion fruits in it! Obviously with all that tangy passion fruit, its one for the true lovers of passion fruit!

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Thermomix Road Show

A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend the Thermomix Road Show in Brisbane with lots of members from the Northern Rivers Branch. It was a fun day with some great training by Bev Unitt from Be You Success Coaching and some Thermomix info and insight too. As usual the thing I enjoyed the most was the learning and the chance to connect with my wonderful branch mates! If you are in direct sales I highly recomend that you check out Be You Success Coaching, Bev is an incredible teacher who can only help you to be the best version of you which can only benefit your business. If you ever get a chance to go along to a Road show then I certainly recommend it!

How to baby proof your marriage…

Recently there was a post floating around on facebook but I can’t find it. The QLD (or at least I think she is from QLD, maybe Melbourne? She’s an Aussie.) Mummy Blogger Candice? Candace? Cadence? Carla? The one who says we are all queens and is a huge advocate for marriage counselling. She’s got blonde hair and a nose stud? I barely remember my own families names these days so I’m never going to remember hers BUT I hope you know who I am referring too. Anyway her husbands work mate confided in her that he and his wife had started marriage counseling and that the counselor had suggested that time at home needs to be spent equally pulling your weight in the chores and parenting…. Ummmmmm say what? This was a conversation I definitely want to wegh in on! Continue reading

Everyday Savings.

I know that you’ve heard people, consultants and Thermomix in Australia mention that the Thermomix saves us money but how exactly and how much money? There are a number of different ways to save money with your Thermomix, some of which I’m going to outline here for you and the ammount you save varies household to household but an average amount is around $50 a week! Continue reading

Lemon Dishwasher Liquid you can make with your Thermomix.

3 months before Monkey was born we moved into our (fingers crossed) forever home. After moving 5 times since being pregnant with Rabbit we were beyond excited BUT Our forever home had an old (not vintage, not retro, just an ugly old kitchen!) kitchen and no dishwasher. Its shallow benches meant we couldn’t even rip out a cupboard and put one in. After having a dishwasher in our last few homes it was a hard adjustment ( #firstworldproblems I know).
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